5 need-to-know logo design trends for 2019

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Whether you’re in the market for a new logo or ready to give your existing one a makeover, you’ll want to push the boundaries to stand out from the competition. But before you begin the process, realize that much like the fashion you wear, graphic design is constantly evolving. A logo design that has slipped out of style can make your business look outdated, so keep yours current and compelling by staying on top of what’s popular right now.

Cono Fusco, Creative Director of Logo Development at Deluxe Corp., shares his predictions for the top five logo trends that will emerge this year.

1. Shaping it up

Creative squiggles. Logical squares. Warm and fuzzy hearts. The shape of your logo has a powerful impact on consumers. Geometric shapes (think circles, squares and triangles) communicate structure, organization and efficiency — and what business wouldn’t want to be known for these positive attributes?

Unlike complex logos, shape-based logos are easy and inexpensive to reproduce — no matter if it’s one color or full color — on promotional materials, so you’ll be able to connect with different users over multiple platforms.

“Anyone can create an attractive logo with shapes. You can combine them any which way and add color to the mix to create a simple, modern and memorable logo design,” Fusco says.

Get ready to see clean and clever geometric designs like the example below from Zendesk:

zendesk logo

2. Emphasizing overlap 

Ready to rebrand your logo design? Hold on to what works with your old logo design, but make it more impressive, profound and meaningful with the overlapping effect.

“Overlapping fonts and shapes add depth, dimension and texture — almost a 3D effect — to flat logo designs,” Fusco says. “Add complementary colors and bold fonts, and you’ll create an original logo that commands attention.”

squinch logo

gilbert logo

3. Returning to the 1980s

Believe it or not: 1980s design trends are back in style. Much like the fashions of the time, these designs were loud and impossible to ignore, with bold colors, striking patterns and a neon, 3D flare.

“Instagram is a great place to promote not only your brand but to have fun with new design ideas and experiment with your followers,” Fusco says.

nest logo

 4. Boosting design with bubbles

Add a pop of personality and a remarkably retro vibe to your logo with bubble letters. Bubble lettering found popularity in the early 1990s thanks to hit television sitcoms like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Full House,” and now it’s making a comeback. Bubble letters add pop to simple layouts and designs. Their playful look makes them perfect for restaurant logos, coffee shop logos and more.

bubble letter logos

5. Striving for simplicity

“Simplification is a huge trend in the design world at the moment,” Fusco says. “Designers are taking an existing brand or logo and streamlining it or completely redesigning the logo to be cleaner.”

Clean, clear, less complicated logo designs (think Etsy, eBay and Chanel) are easy to remember and recognize. They’re a snap to scale and reproduce. And they never go out of style. The best part is, this trend works for all types of businesses and brands.

This no-frills, customizable-for-any-size logo from American Express is proof that a simple logo has the power to attract and impact customers:

AmEx logo

Final thoughts

According to Fusco, you don’t have to incorporate all of the elements mentioned above into your logo. But dare to be different with your design while keeping an eye on what’s popular. Experiment! Combine shapes, fonts and colors in fresh ways to create a stand-out design that resonates with your customers and works for your business.

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