Binary Option

The binary option is a relatively new instrument on financial market. In finance, a binary option is a type of option in which the payoff can take only two possible outcomes, either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all (in contrast to ordinary financial options that typically have a continuous spectrum of payoff).

The binary option market is not based only on buying and selling of assets, but rather on buying contracts that predict the behavior of assets in certain ways. The following trade contract is traded on the binary options market as the most popular one: High/Low (also called Up/Down, Above/Below or Call/Put options). These are the contracts that trade on whether an asset ends higher or lower than a reference price point that may be the market price.

A unique feature of the binary options trading market is that trades may have ultra short expiry time. With binary option the expiry can be as short as one minute, and with some operators down to 30 seconds. Usually the broker sets the time for the trade to end, although some platforms allow the trader to determine the expiry time.

Binary option

If binary options trading seems difficult to you, you can always try an Auto Trading of Binary Option. This service can simultaneously monitor multiple markets, trade a variety of tools and control a lot of positions.You set your own limits and decide how much you want to risk and trade per day. The system is 100% automated and allows you to trade while you may be away. Once your account is setup, you are good to trade and earn profit!

Binary Option Managed Accounts are the binary option trading accounts managed by an expert trader. The expert places trades on your binary option trading account with the use of the professional auto trading software that evaluates the market and provides stable trends for different currencies and commodities. Such experts can make your binary options trading risk-free by placing trades with over 75% win rate. You don’t trade by your own but you can follow the progress of trading in real-time by logging in to your trading account any time you wish.

For traders who are new in binary option business but want to trade and make profit the Binary Option Signal may be very helpful. Little trading experience is required to use trading signals. Each binary option signal contains all information required to place the trade: direction, asset type, strike price and expiry time. You just have to place the trade shortly after you receive the signal so the strike price doesn’t change much. Most signal providers guarantee 70-85% win rate . All you need to do is to get registered with the binary options signal company and wait for new signals to be generated. As soon as you get the signal you place your trade before the recommended countdown runs to 0.

If you don’t have enogh skills and knowledge to trade binary option by your own you can try binary option Social Trading and take advantage of other traders’ experience. Some brokers keep records of the trader’s results and allow other traders to follow the most success traders. You can choose the trader with the highest perfomance and follow him. It means that his trades will be copied on your binary option account as well.

You can specify the trade amount and the investment limit and the follow period. You can dedicate your entire account to copying other successful investors. You retain full control of your funds – you can pause or resume your copy activity or even stop it at all.

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