Built for ease: How and why real estate pros use eChecks

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In an industry as competitive as real estate, you need to be able to make decisions — and payments — fast. Deluxe eChecks are one of the quickest payment solutions available: unlike paper checks, eChecks are created, sent, and retrieved via email. They offer the security and ease of paper checks, delivered at the speed of email. 

To explore how realtors use eChecks to save time, we talked to three realtors. Here’s what they had to say:

Big payments are secure 

When it comes to sending money (and sending checks in particular), security is everything. To keep your business safe and your customers, partners, and stakeholders happy, you need to trust that your payments will be delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Robert Goff, treasurer of New England Parking, a real estate management company in Warwick, Rhode Island, regularly makes payments upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Naturally, putting large checks in the mail made him nervous, and for good reason: In 2016, there were 4,448 convictions for mail fraud. Goff didn’t like the wait time and risk of mailing checks, so he searched for a new solution and discovered Deluxe eChecks. 

“I like using eChecks for large payments because I know with certainty that they’re going to go to the people who’re waiting to get them,” Goff said. “There is nothing interfering with the distribution of the payment.” The security offered by eChecks gives him peace of mind and lets him get back to business.

He also enjoys the simplicity of eChecks, which require no information from the recipient beyond their email address. 

“It’s just a simple process. You don’t have to make an envelope or get a stamp. Once you’ve got an email address, it’s a piece of cake,” Goff said. 

Easy and environmentally friendly

For many realtors and real estate businesses, preparing and sending a paper check can cause stress on both the sending and receiving side. 

Ruby Waraich, the manager of the Realty One Group American office in Fremont, California, uses Deluxe eChecks as her primary method of payment now. She says it was easy to adopt eChecks because everyone in her office is already familiar with doing business digitally. Additionally, switching to eChecks was an environmentally friendly choice: the office uses less paper and reduced its carbon footprint.

Deluxe eChecks also make paying Realty One Group’s real estate agents simple. Since Waraich has a hectic travel schedule, she loves that she can send payments from anywhere — and still get them done on time. Additionally, her employees don’t have to come into the office just to grab a check; she can email payments to them instead. Waraich continues to use eChecks because, in the real estate industry, time is money. 

“Time is an opportunity to sell more property, so the time savings that come from eChecks is imperative,” she said.

Saving time and money

The cost of envelopes and stamps can add up in the long run. As a businessperson, you’re likely looking to cut costs where you can. You’re already making payments, so why pay even more to send them? 

Shanah Bell works for Brickstone Properties and Management in Denver, Colorado, managing the bills and paying the taxes. Although paper checks were Brickstone’s preferred method of payment, Bell saw them as an extra hassle that just wasn’t worth it. She had to wait for the owners to sign the checks, and she had to wait again for the payments to arrive through the postal service. Bell was impressed when she found out eChecks integrated with QuickBooks®, making payments a snap to execute. That’s all she needed to know, and it was easy to convince her company to save money on check paper, envelopes and postage, not to mention eliminating the days spent waiting for checks to be delivered via mail.

Additionally, Bell likes that she can track eCheck payments more easily than paper checks, and resend the payment if the vendor wants it sent to a different email address — a common occurrence in real estate. 

“It makes my life easier,” Bell said. “They save you time and money, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t do it.”

The safer way to send payments

Learn how to reduce financial fraud and increase peace of mind with Deluxe eChecks.


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