Capitaland – [ Landing Near Our Second Target, Anymore Downside?]

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9th October, 2018, 4:00 PM

Capitaland – [ Landing Near Our Second Target, Anymore Downside?]algo” alt=”Capitaland 9th Oct 2018″ width=”962″ height=”554″ srcset=”http://algo 962w, http://algo×173.png 300w, http://algo×442.png 768w, http://algo×346.png 600w, http://algo×406.png 705w” sizes=”(max-width: 962px) 100vw, 962px”>

Chart Source: Poemsview 9th oct 2018

Capitaland has been down for the last 4 sessions and is coming close to our 2nd Downside Target of $3.19.

Our EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS were alerted of this SHORT trade analysis just last thursday and capitaland continue to fall ever since then.

Our potential Downside Target might be $3.19 and if that doesn’t hold then $3.15 next.

As Capitaland has moved down quite a bit for the last few days it is not too much to foresee a rebound very soon. A rebound might present an opportunity for more shorting.

Watch Closely.

Still unsure of how to take advantage of the downside?

Then join us  for our CFD seminar where we will be sharing with you how to Use CFDs for shorting to ride this downtrend.

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Stay Tune!




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