Dead Cat Bounce and Bear Coming Out? Are We In A Recession Already?

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Recent turmoil and bloodbath in the stock market are giving me a Deja Vu feel to the 2008 pre-global financial crisis. The stock market will recover with many analysts chanting just a normal correction. Then stock prices will pick up as if poised for a major rally but within a few days commence tapering off again. This dead cat bounce will happen a few times but the market never seems to be able to break out.
Our government also warned of the effects of the US-China trade war beginning to hit our economy over the next few months. 
Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an improvement when Trump and Xi next meetup in November 2018 during the G20 Summit. Business and consumer sentiment are very fragile objects which can be shattered easily by any external economic bad news. It may go quickly south in the blink of an eye or even worse, the beginning of an economic meltdown. Probably best to keep additional liquidity on hand instead of a full deployment of all available cash into stocks at this juncture. 
Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on the economic outlook. Thanks!
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