Dilemma on Rebalancing

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30 Year Old target: Hitting $100k net worth
I realized that I have not updated my 30 year old target after passing this milestone back in 2018. 
The update is I did not manage to hit $100k net worth but instead only achieved $75k. 
Funny enough, I am not upset about the miss. I have tried my best since becoming aware of things. 
With time lost, there is only more pushing to be done in the upcoming years. 
I just have more rebalancing to do in life to reach my long term goals pertaining to net worth.

Rebalancing of Investments 
My strongest current dilemma is on how/ when to rebalance my current holdings despite the decent performance in 2018. 
With around 75% in Singtel and 25% in Alibaba, these are apparently extreme investment types. One is a stagnant yield play while the other is an exponential growth play with zero dividend insurance. 
Singtel belongs to the traditional defensive industry but is it still defensive now?
I have to admit that there is also partial speculation in Alibaba despite the due diligence done. It is highly dependent on the outcome of this trade war. 
However, my current main concern is still Singtel. I wished that I owned less Singtel shares which will translate to more cash to diversify into other cheap companies currently available in the market. With that, I can have a good handful of 4 to 5 companies covering 2 to 3 different stock exchanges. 
As mentioned in my earlier post, I have arrived in this situation after acquiring Singtel shares from my fiancée. (There is a joke here too, Singtel is the only company which I dare to invest for my family and yet it was a big laggard compared to many of my previous trades) 
Selling some Singtel shares now will only lead to some actual losses. The best way which I can think of is to sacrifice some shares using some of the past dividends received to limit such losses. 
Nevertheless, it can be fun and challenging for me to figure my way out since I am stuck in such situation. Once more cash is raised from Singtel, the fun shall begin. 
The below points are what I look for in companies.
Guess I am a greedy person who look for great Risk-Return Tradeoff while at the same time seeking insurance from dividends lol. 
-Healthy companies (for sure)
-Decent future growth
-Relates to future/emerging trends
-Country diversification in terms of revenue/stock markets
-Decent Yield (% dependent on dividend tax), with controlled payout ratio
-Limited currency risks against SGD
-Cheap valuations based on future cash flows
Looking for the best of both worlds as always.
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