Dividend and portfolio update March 2019

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Added more banks, sia and keppel corp

On review of ums position, figured out that the risk benefit does not fit in and took the chance to sell it off at 74c, and bought keppel corp in the process. ums-dividend cut last term and now absence of special.


nothing fanciful and nothing new: dividends received will be used to reinvest in the same counters and/or the counters which are about to pay dividends soon.
No further input is necessary. Portfolio creates the income every month and gets reinvested. One reinvestment move means one more continuous stream of income in the future.
Counters get rebalanced periodically as and when the opportunities arise.
Market up or down doesn’t matter too much, in fact is not a bad thing after all. Dividends provided new cash flow as compounding and dollar cost average tool.

This is all season, all market condition investment strategy, and works for all investors of all ages as well.

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