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Forex Trading conditions

Exness puts a lot of effort into improvement of their services, including the most important bit—trading conditions. In Exness head office in Cyprus, home to their dedicated IT team, they put all their knowledge and skills into enhancing servers stability and execution speed and quality, as well as introducing new solutions for creating a comfortable and safe trading environment. As such, within the last year clients have seen a significant improvement in servers stability. Within a short period of time Exness launched a series of improvements in trading conditions, such as reduction in slippage numbers, 0% Stop Out , as well as reduction of delays in order activation and they aim at keeping on improving their trading environment.

Exness Top forex trading

No manipulation of clients’ trades

Unlike the majority of brokers, Exness does not manipulate their clients’ trades. It means that once a trade is closed, it’s closed. Since Exness started operating in 2008, not a single trade has been deleted, regardless of the market situation. Take 2015’s CHF case or a dramatic overnight fall of GBP in October, 2016 as an example. Read more about it here.

Forex trading: Unlimited leverage (available for exness.com only)

In March 2016, Exness launched a never-before-seen service—unlimited leverage for Exness (VC) Limited clients. An exclusive service from Exness offers traders the opportunity to trade with negligible margin, open more positions and bigger lots, and try out a wider range of trading strategies.

Instant withdrawal of funds

When Exness says instant, they mean that withdrawal is done automatically by the system without involvement of financial specialists, implying that once a trade is closed, one may withdraw their profits in a matter of seconds. This allows clients to have around-the-clock control of their own funds.

Top Forex Broker Customer service

Exness customer service personnel speaks 15 languages and is trained to provide clients with the information they need and resolve any sort of issues in a timely manner, whether it be weekdays or weekends, day or night. Exness support team is rightly seen as one of the most efficient in the field.


Exness trading volumes, the amount of own funds and clients’ funds, and partner reward are verified by Deloitte, the world-known company providing industry-leading audit and consulting services, on a quarterly basis. Every visitor of Exness website can find these reports. By making these reports easily accessible to everyone Exness proves themselves to be honest and transparent, and that Exness has nothing to hide.

Forex Trading with Financial security

The company’s financial parameters are audited by Deloitte and prove to be sufficient to cover amounts five times bigger than clients’ withdrawal sums. The security of funds is also guaranteed by the automatic withdrawal service, when clients receive their withdrawals in a matter of seconds without involvement of the company’s financial department.>

Top Forex: Partnership program

Every Exness client can easily become Exness Partner and enter a ready-made risk-free business solution. Exness does not limit partners to the amounts they can earn through referral programs. There are no restrictions on number of clients, duration of orders, minimum time duration between opening and closing of orders which makes it easy for partner to receive competitive reward.

Social responsibility

Exness is not only recognized through the quality of their trading conditions and services but also through their social projects such as supporting WWF Russia in restoring rare species – the Persian leopard in the Caucasus and the Siberian tiger in the Far East.

Customer Testimonials about Forex Trading


Probably one of the best and most reliable forex brokers. Excellent support. Instant withdrawals makes this a reliable broker. No need to wait and beg payments from the forex broker. Everything happens automatically.

Tim E.

I actually heard about this forex broker through a trader friend who had recently started using it to forex trading and was suddenly making a lot of money. As a forex trader myself, who had so far experienced moderate success, I was delighted to have found what is fast proving to be the solution I had been searching for. This is truly an amazing forex trading broker which has totally turned around my fortunes. Thanks

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