FBS $123 FREE Bonus

Free Bonus

FBS, an international forex broker, authorized by IFSC and CRFIN, provides all its clients with a magnificent 123$ No-deposit Free Bonus. The clients are required to open a 123$ bonus account and trade with the bonus within seven days. It’s an excellent offer out of which you can make a lot of profit, plus you don’t need to confirm your contact info or verify your phone number for this promotion.

As mentioned, you only have seven days to turn this bonus into a certain amount of profit. After the deadline, the bonus and profit will be removed from the bonus account, thereby turning it into an ‘Unlimited account.’ Moreover, the profit will remain fixed and cannot be traded, nor can it be withdrawn before trading the required number of lots (1 standard lot per 3$). Additionally, the clients can withdraw in parts on the first day of each month by trading in their deposited accounts.

Example: let’s say you’ve made 360$ profit trading with the 123$ bonus, so you need to trade at least 120 lots to withdraw the whole profit. Now, let’s consider a different scenario where you have traded 50 lots, in that case, you’d be able to withdraw 50 x 3 = 150$ of the profit, and since there is no time limit for trading lots, the process goes on.

How to get FBS 123 USD Free Bonus?

It’s a piece of cake. Go to your personal cabinet on FBS.com, open a ‘123$ bonus Account’ and receive 123$ in a jiffy. You can start trading immediately and turn this opportunity into a profitable one!

Certain conditions:

On the 1st of each month, profits will be transferred to clients trading account.

Max leverage in 123$ bonus account is 1:2000

The clients are not allowed to do financial activities such as deposit, withdraw, and internal transfer during the seven days after receiving the bonus.

This bonus is received only once per client.

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Hello, I’m interested in the details of the FBS trade No Deposit free Bonus, the opportunity to profit or choose another forex broker
Christopher Carroll

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