Helping You to Start Financial Statement Analysis

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Not knowing how to start Fundamental Analysis (FA), in particular reading financial statements, is a common pain point among retail investors. It is especially true for novice, with quite some experienced investors facing the same problem too.

Most of us know the importance of FA and studying financial statements, but most do not have the knowledge and know-how to start. Quarterly earnings statements and annual report are thick documents, inundated with figures, charts, diagram and texts. It can be quite daunting to digest all these info to arrive at a fair opinion on the company. Indeed a headache for many retail investors.

The problem is worsened by availability of information, sometimes too much, with numerous fund houses, analysts, news channels, investment experts sharing their take on a same set of results.  Depending on perspectives and base of comparison, a growth of 30% this quarter is bad; but when compared against sector growth rate of 10%, it could actually be outstanding. Which point of view should an investor take then? Who to believe?

It is thus important to depend on ourselves – our best teacher. Learn proper FA and financial statement analysis and form our own opinions. Check out the numbers, compile the ratios and indicators from the root source of information: company annual report and financial statements. Info from various sources are useful references, but the most important thing is to make our own judgement call.

But where, and how, do we start digesting annual report and financial statements? The fact is, it need not be too difficult. While financial statement is expressed in accounting, we do not need to have in depth accounting knowledge. What we need is the ability to make sense of numbers to form sound opinions. And this can be done by focusing on relevant segments, extracting key numbers, and knowing just enough to make a decision.

A simple analogy is that 99% of drivers do not have knowledge of automobile engineering and mechanics, yet are able to drive a car. Its the same for investing. Put in some effort to pick up the important knowledge, and most can start analysing stocks confidently.

So my next seminar is titled ‘How to Read Financial Statements and Annual Report’ and it aims to do just that: help retail investors analyse statements and annual report quickly to form a fair opinion about companies.  Content includes:

  • Breaking down the 3 financial statements
  • Interpret company operational efficiency and financial health
  • Compile key financial ratios for peer comparison
  • Read Annual Report Quickly by zooming into 4 key segments

This is not a preview, introduction or sales talk. It is a no-fluff, content-packed session, where I share exactly the same ways I conduct FA with you. Attendees will walk away with the know-how to analyse a company’s fundamentals and conduct due diligence in other relevant areas.

You will also get some tools and my self-developed check list which will come in handy in your analysis. Light refreshments will be provided.

If you find it difficult to do a first cut FA on any companies, this session is for you. Any old birds who want to pick up ways to analyse financial statements, this session is for you too.

I am certain that the seminar content, knowledge shared, plus the tools and check list, will benefit attendees. And you will find reading financial statements much easier after the session.

Take action now! Sign up here.

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