How to build a winning mutual fund portfolio for 2019 & beyond

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Year 2018 was a year of massive changes to mutual funds. SEBI guidelines and regulations on recategorisation, expense ratios followed by capital gains tax have been the highlights. How do these changes reflect in your mutual fund portfolios?

You have most likely read through the earlier Mutual Fund Guide. I have now refreshed it with new inputs from you as also in context of the facts available so far. 

Richard Feynman said “Teach principles, not formulas.”

If I can use another version of it and say to you – “Learn principles, not formulas.”

You know how this blog works and the content type I post here. It’s meant to educate and transform you.

What am I trying to say here?

There is enough content out there telling you the best funds for 2019, top funds and multi-bagger funds, etc. In most cases, these evaluations are based on past returns of mutual funds. Good to begin with, maybe, but not to base our final decision on.

We have to go beyond the returns, ratings and rankings.

That’s where “How to build a winning mutual fund portfolio for 2019 & beyond” comes into picture.

The best part – it is not a PDF ebook this time. It is a series of digestible lessons. You will get a series of posts in your email for over a week to help you gather the core principles than just ready formula.

Most of the earlier content is gone and new one has come in to give you a deeper understanding of building a mutual fund portfolio.

I am sure you will find it educative and fun. As always, this comes for no charge.

Know other details here.

Sign up to (re)build your own winning mutual fund portfolio.

Invest with confidence.

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