Its time in the market which matters … read this and work out the sums

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Let me share a educational story as a new year inspirational story

Meet Uncle High, Sg worst investor who only buys at the highest point in the market. 

He has good intentions to invest his money but each time he does it, he does it right at the time when the masses has nearly completed their frenzy buying. 

Born 1965

Studied hard and Graduated with a University degree and started work in 1988, just after Black Monday crisis

Landed job earning 2kpm

Saved 0.5kpm from 1988 to 1996 and

Bought into STI high 2450 February 1996

STI crashed 2yrs later 1998 STI 896. Wipe out 64%! Yes, 64%. Meaning every $1000 became $360 or pretty much so.

From 1996 to October 2007 STI 3800, managed to save 1kpm due to wage increase. 

Bought in at STI 3800

Then STI crashed March 2009 1500. Wipe out 61% of value! Meaning every $1000 became $390 or pretty much so.

He only buys blue chips in SG of the largest cap and reinvest his dividends as they come. Average STI returns over past 30yrs is around 8-10%. We take 8% since Paul High is such a lousy investor

Being twice unluckily at having bought at the highest STI just before the massive crashes occur, Paul High decides to stay off investing as he thinks he has enough of it.

U think Uncle High at 54 years of age, is a loser as of 2019? What do you think is his current net worth?

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