Kotak Mahindra Joins RippleNet: Another Bank Using xCurrent

Kotak Mahindra Joins RippleNet: Another Bank

Kotak Mahindra joins RippleNet: Yes, it’s true: another financial institution has joined the RippleNet. This is yet another example of how Ripple is working towards solving real-world problems.

On Wednesday, Kotak Mahindra, an Indian bank, posted a press release, in which it stated that it has entered into a collaboration with Ripple.

Specifically, Kotak Mahindra will both be joining RippleNet and using xCurrent for issues associated with cross-border remittances.

Kotak Mahindra Joins RippleNet: What We Know

In the press release, Kotak Mahindra disclosed that it will be using Ripple’s xCurrent in order …

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