Monthly Expenses: August 2018

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Total Expenses: $1,284.80

Family: $550
-Monthly Allowance for Parents: $550 (recurring)

Utilities: $76.00
-Handphone Bill: $23 (recurring)
-Internet bill: $53 (recurring)

Food & Coffee: $364.70

Transport: $83
-Ezlink Topup: $70
-Grab: $13

Others: $211.10
-4D and Toto bets: $18
-Household goods: $31
-New work shoes: $87.20
-New shoes for my love: $39.90
-Miscellaneous: $35

(Period: 26th July to 26th August, 2018)

My food and transportation expenses have remained constant  as compared to last month’s. The betting had been slightly reduced but I think it is not good enough; below $10 will be great.

Overall expenses this month have been jacked up by around $100 due to my 3 years old work shoes finally giving its way ; and when repairing it isn’t worth it as it may not last long.
Hesitantly, I got a new shoe from an outlet store at a cheaper offer.

Most of the new expenses in August came from buying things for my girlfriend as I dote on her (more than myself.)
And one can easily say no to themselves but not to their girlfriends, right? lol

I am not sure if annual expenses such as air tickets and hotel charges should also be factored in as well when it is already a minimal one time event.

Though it is fine to stay in Singapore 365 days in a year, I guess it will be healthier for anyone to go out and enjoy different culture and places with our loved ones time to time. Those are the meaningful time which we get to spend with them when our personal time is already so limited. Plus, it keeps our mind sane by being away from the hectic life just for a while.

Thus, it may not be a good idea to include such special expenses to stress ourselves.
Or should we still do it?
Probably, we can use our investment realized earnings or dividends to cover them?

It is a paradox indeed.

Will it be considered working too hard if we factor them in?
Or will it considered cheating when they are omitted?
There are no right or wrong answers.

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