Oracle wants to improve the management of the blockchain


The Oracle software vendor is working to introduce “fair” management into authorized blockchain, according to a recently published patent application.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an application for “Accountability and Trust in Distributed Register Systems” on August 17, after it was originally submitted in late May 2016. In particular, the focus is on so-called selected blockchain – those in which the Participants are limited to the approved parties.

Based on the patent, the firm draws attention to some approaches to maintaining permitted blockchain, especially when it comes to protecting the actions of nodes.

Because the application information:

“However, even in allowed registers, the participating node may violate the policy of fairness, for example, because it is hacked, its software is damaged or its operator is dishonest. In principle, authorized accounting books simplify the accounting of sites to ensure fairness: after exposure, the infringer may lose the deposit, may be excluded from the lock-up or may be sued. However, in practice, reducing opportunities for internal violations and their detection is a non-trivial problem.”

This problem behavior also includes transactional censorship, as well as “dropping or reordering transactions” within the nodes. Oracle offers a method of solving these problems, which is a system that uses a modified version of the open source code developed when blockchain Tendermint was launched.

“Accountability and trust” is the second patent application submitted by Oracle to date. Last year it was reported that the company had applied for the use of a detachable unit to check the data online.

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