Portfolio with the year ending 31-12-2018

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2018 has finally come to an end.

I used the word “finally” because it was not a particular good year for me.
There are struggles in life as usual, or perhaps what we tend to perceive as problems ourselves.

We really need to learn to take more deep breathes, stop and admire the big blue sky above us to remind us how small our problems are in this majestic world.

I know 2018 may be a good year to some people and friends out there so it is not all bad.

Today is the first day of 2019, and we hereby confront our successes and failures.
I was awaiting for the closing bell of NYSE yesterday to conclude my paper losses and overall 2018 performance.

Portfolio for the year was very positive until the big drop from September highs. Some of us are lucky enough to have sold some holdings before the correction happened. My prediction is that any companies we are still holding now should be mostly having paper losses. In my case, Singtel is the heaviest bag I am holding. In Stocktwits forum, we call ourselves “Bagholders” when we are holding on a losing stock.

I guess that the trade war will likely strike a deal within these 90 days while a final agreement will take more time. At least, that is what most of us are hoping for. If this holds true, now will probably be the best time to buy more stocks at cheaper valuations and stocks will rally once again after the deal. (especially stocks with major China revenue exposures)

Before I share my portfolio performance for 2018, I need to highlight 2 things as it does significantly affect the outcome:
During December, I took over all Singtel shares from my fiancée. (since I was the one who suggested her to buy initially and it has already been a year, I feel that it is best I take over ownership and add it to my portfolio)
As for the Singtel shares under my parents, these are totally excluded from my performance.

Current holdings: 
Singtel, Alibaba


Top Winners:
IRobot:             20.14%
Sembcorp Ind: 12.52%
Sanofi ADR:  9.61%

Notable mentions: LCII, Wilmar, ST Engineering, ABF, Shire PLC, Sandfire Resources, Capitaland

Top Losers:
Oracle:         -3.36%
Alibaba:          -21.32% (first batch)

Investments portfolio in 2018:
(based on current investment amount + deducted commission fees + currency conversions gains/losses + dividends)

Overall Portfolio:
• Total Realized + Paper Gain: 2.72% (includes paper losses in current market)
Overall Realized Gain: 18.36% (excludes returns in current market) 

The good news is the portfolio has beaten the market this year as compared to S&P 500 and STI index.
Feel free to judge  😉

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