(Post 80/week 62)TipforThought:5 tips on negotiation and staying in hotels!

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Another entry from magazines that I pick up…

This week on TipforThought, here are 5 tips on negotiation and staying in hotels that I think would be useful to know.

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Here are 5 tips for the art of negotiation!

  • 1. If someone offers a good deal, consider the risk to ask for more. As Harvard business school professor Micheal wheeler write’s in 2013 the art of negotiation, “When someone hands you a tasty piece of cake, with rich frosting to boot, think twice about asking sprinkler on top”
  • 2.When negotiating for money, such as selling your car or asking for a raise, ask for a range not a fixed number. This approach will make it harder for your partner to counter with a lower sum
  • 3. Update your boss regularly on your accomplishments. If you can save them for one session, you may come across as needy
  • 4. Don’t fall prey to “negotiation myopia” a strategic mistake in which one party fail to see a solution that is mutually beneficial. Look for a resolution, in which both sides can be happy
  • 5. The effect of mimicry on negotiation found that 10 out of 15 buyers who subtly copied their partner’s mannerisms during the thinking process achieved a deal, only two out of the 16 buyers who didn’t mirror did not succeed

and here are 5 tips when staying hotels!

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  • 1.“Ask and you will receive,” says Hilary Lewis, a housekeeping manager at Hotel Arts in Calgary. Most hotels will be happy to provide extra items, like DVD players, microwaves and even fridges, at no extra charge if they have them on hand.
  • 2. The filthiest thing in the room might be lying on your bedside table which is the TV remotes, studies have shown that TV remotes were covered in more bacteria than on public-toilet surfaces.
  • 3. For advice on what to do for the itinerary, trust the concierge as a source for local intel. “These highly trained professionals are the eyes and ears of the community,” says Fairmont brand president Jennifer Fox.
  • 4. Do not readily believe in the star rating of the hotel as the rating systems vary widely between countries. For example, in Italy, a hotel can earn five stars by simply having a 24-hour reception desk, rooms that start at 16 square meters and receptionists who speak three languages. A single star is awarded for changing the sheets once a week
  • 5. Booking late can get you the best deals. For same-day reservations, Peter Yesawich, the vice-chairman of international travel marketing services firm MMGY Global, recommends using Hoteltonight.com, Or do it the old-fashioned way and call the front desk. If the place isn’t full, you’ll often get a discount.

Hope you enjoy reading these tips!

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