Protocol 0x and MetaMask facilitate over-the-counter trade in tokens


Trading one of the many ERC20 tokens can be quite problematic. It is difficult to find exchanges that support most of these tokens. Even platforms such as Bittrex did not specify the vast majority of tokens for obvious reasons. First of all, you need to check. Fortunately, now there is a way to exchange ERC20 tokens, not relying on the stock exchange.

This completely new concept is a mixture of the use of the 0x protocol and the MetaMask trade.

The combination of these two platforms into one allows for the decentralized trade in ERC20 markers, not relying on an exchange or trading platform. In fact, you can exchange any ERC20 token through a counter in exchange for any other currency. This is a decentralized way of trading ERC20 markers, which, of course, will be of great importance in the world of crypto-currencies.

The trading protocol 0x – is quite an interesting development. It is mainly intended to facilitate the trade of tokens created on the blockbuster of the Etherium. Given that these days there is no shortage of such tokens, it makes sense to move slowly towards the decentralized OTC trade protocol. 0x, which was aired about 24 hours ago and aims to provide this function to users around the world. It remains to see how this will be accepted by the community.

Various projects based on Ethereum have already confirmed that they will be compatible with the protocol oh. This list includes Augur, Aragon, Chronobank and Melonport, etc. However, the possibilities are almost limitless, since the report on Reddit shows how easy it is to create an over-the-counter market for ERC20 tokens. Although these proposals are still rather limited in scope, there is great potential. It will be interesting to see how many people want to combine 0x with Metamask for decentralized exchange cripro functions.

It will be interesting to see how this protocol develops in the coming weeks and months. It has great potential for further decentralization of how we think about the exchange of ERC20 tokens on a global scale. Since most exchanges often wait weeks, if not months, for new tokens to fall into the listings of exchanges, it would certainly be useful to use an over-the-counter solution. The 0x protocol can prove to be a valuable ally in this respect.

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