Recent Financial Statement Analysis Workshop

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More investors are getting interested in using Fundamental Analysis to short list strong company stocks to invest in, especially in a lacklustre market we are going through right now

In fact it is an opportune time to start studying the fundamentals and earnings of companies you are interested in. So one would know where is a good, under-valued price to start establishing position.

I held a seminar recently to share with participants how to analyse financial statements and annual reports. Much insights were presented on extracting relevant figures, zooming into key sections of annual report, and performing company valuation. The objective was to enable investors to digest the financial statements in a practical way, to arrive at investment decisions effectively.

The session was engaging, with many questions asked. I am surprised by the queries thrown up by attendees, some went into portfolio management and a little bit of Technical Analysis that complemented the seminar content.

I am heartened that most attendees found the session useful and the knowledge shared valuable, with 100% feedback that they would recommend this session to others.

Of course there were room for improvement, in terms of the content, more examples and the venue. So these will be incorporated into next session.

Sharing some snippets of the seminar here. If you have missed this round do stay tuned for the next session which will come pretty soon. Check out the outreach tab.

This should be a regular affair going forward.

*Meanwhile, my next seminar on Profitable Shares Investing: 24 Oct, 7pm at Raffles City Office Tower. Sign up here. 

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