S$11k portfolio giving 11months dividends per year

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I put myself in the shoes of an middle age to older person. I can doing some part time job to keep busy and to earn a little income. I want to have passive income every month. I do not like to monitor the market as I find that stressful and I might end up making wrong desisions. I want a low risk portfolio. Perhaps, at most once or twice a year, I take a look at the absolute values of the portfolio. And importantly, I do NOT want to outlive my portfolio and I would like to see the the overall dividends go up with time.


here it is

Singtel 500 shares   $1560
SPH 400 shares   $944
Netlink NLT 1200 shares   $1008
DBS 100 shares $2630
SGX 200 shares  $1480
Singpost 1000 shares  $960
ST Eng 300 shares  $1185
Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) 800 shares   $1656

Dividend (figures represent sum in dollars)

Jan    Sintel 34
Feb   DBS 30 SGX 15 SPOST 5 total 50
Mar   MIT 16
May   STE 30 SPH 22 DBS 30 SGX 15 total 97
June   NLT 24 MIT 16  total 40
July   SPOST 20
Aug   MIT 16 SINGTEL 53.5  DBS 30 SPOST 5 total 104.5
Sept   STE 15
Oct    SGX 15
Nov   DBS 30 SGX 15 SPOST 5  total 50
Dec    SPH 28 NLT 24 MIT 16  total 68

*** this is just my own plan for my ownself, use it as a guide, if anyone wants, at your own risk

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