Money From The Air Or 18 USD Thousand For Empty Sound

buy bitcoin or etherium

Safely buy bitcoin or etherium

When it became clear for the first time that the Internet would change the world, or at least the economy, a lot of excitement started around Internet companies: they offered nothing and did not bring money, they simply worked on the network, it was enough that their value soared to the sky-high Heights. So there was a bubble in the dotcom market, which later burst with a crash, destroying a lot of good beginnings and ideas.


Read our brief guide on how to safely buy bitcoin or etherium!

Now the technology of blocking is threatening to turn the world of business upside down again, and perhaps something similar to a dot-com bubble is happening now in the ICO (primary coin supply) area – where people are attracting financing for hundreds of millions of dollars without having ready Product. Moreover, people from the crypto-currency community are afraid that this trend is a serious threat to the ecosystem of the etherium.

Token Useless Ethereum (useless etherium) derides and at the same time demonstrates the fact that some ICOs are only frank attempts to collect cash from the population. The initiator of this kraudfandingovogo project honestly reports that he is collecting money for the purchase of a TV – somewhat reminiscent of the famous collection of funds for potato salad through kickstarter.

The organizer writes: “Let’s confess – everyone who tried the ICO. They create a stir for several weeks, then launch the project and for a few days they block the etherium network, Coinbase does not stand the load and for some time goes offline, and then these “investors” sadly watch how their newly purchased tokens turn into nothing. This ICO will be different.

I spent the weekend to study the topic properly, now I know everything about smart contracts based on the etherium and I’m ready to launch ICO. The code for most smart contracts is copied from posts to GitHub and Stack Overflow, so there’s nothing like this … right?

And of course I did not consult with any experts on smart contracts. Well, why? All other ICOs spend weeks on the audit, and still everywhere are full of errors and vulnerabilities. ”

If you want to invest through ICO and protect your investments, do not be lazy, exercise caution and choose a really worthy project before sending money to strangers and buy bitcoin.

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