Savvy Branding Strategies to Build Your Customer Base

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Strong branding lets people know who you are in an instant. It establishes credibility, makes it easier to reach new prospects and keeps your business in customers’ minds.

What does it take to create a brand with impact? What kind of branding will resonate with your customers, and keep your business in their minds after a sale or before they need you next?

Join our free webinar, hosted by our partners at SCORE, to see how your business can make a lasting impression with smart branding. Ashley Kimlinger and Sonia Mansfield of Deluxe Corp. will share expert advice on how to get started, the most effective ways to use your brand in your marketing and a behind-the-scenes look at the branding decisions made on the Small Business Revolution — Main Street series.

In this webinar:

  • Learn what you need to know before starting the logo design process
  • Get insights on promoting your brand with print
  • Hear tips for positioning your brand and standing out from competitors

Register for this free webinar today.

About the presenters:

Ashley Kimlinger is the Director of Enterprise Brand Management at Deluxe Corp. She has a background in communications and graphic design, and a passion for brands that communicate beautifully. She has been a key contributor on the Small Business Revolution campaign. Prior to Deluxe, she worked at Allianz Life, helping employees communicate their brand story through beautiful and effective presentations.

Sonia Mansfield, Content Marketing Manager at Deluxe Corp. and its partner PsPrint, has been writing helpful and fun content for small business owners and nonprofits for more than 10 years. Over that time, she has stockpiled a wealth of insights about how businesses can leverage print marketing to grow their brands.

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