Scaling Happiness – Hostinger’s Story

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More than 30 million people around the globe have given Hostinger the privilege of providing their services. Because it’s a huge responsibility to be in control of someone’s online success, we’ve created a complex hiring processes to be sure that we hire only the best. We used all our knowledge to create a vast internal Hostinger Academy to train new customer service specialists that can rise to the challenge. However, this was not enough.

The Challenge

We have provided the customers with a variety of communication tools to use for seeking guidance and support. Originally, this included a traditional email ticket system, which meant lengthy responses and delayed resolution. The other option was to enter a live chat, which accelerated the response time, yet proved to be a drawback when the customer got disconnected and lost the progress of the conversation.

The Customer Success team was held back due to technical issues and was unable to ensure effective solutions were passed on to individual users.

“We have an amazing team of highly skilled specialists. We identified that the problem was tied to limiting software rather than the team itself. That was the breaking point. We simply couldn’t offer customer service that is anything less than perfect,” Says Darius Grigorjevas, Head of our Customer Success team.

The challenge was to enable our customers to seek help in a fast, easy and user-friendly manner.

The Decision

Our team made implementing swift and efficient service in terms of immediate support assistance a priority. The only sensible way to achieve that was to go completely live and scrap the ticket system. For that reason, we chose Intercom. It offered a Messenger style live chat option which allowed our customers to jump back to the conversation at any time without losing the chat history.

Our customer queries and questions came straight to members of the success team, which meant that all issues were being solved on the spot. And thus we got the chance to stay efficient while maintaining the quality of service.

Intercom offered a way out for us and our customers.

“We no longer had to worry about juggling live chat and tickets. We no longer lost customers to disconnecting chats, thanks to the Messenger style chat system that Intercom offers. Even simple features like GIF implementation was a contributing factor. It adds a healthier and more personal approach. Something both our customers and Customer Success specialists love,” Says Darius.

Intercom offered a way to integrate the perfect practice by decreasing the wait time and reducing queues to a minimum. After the update, the response time went from several hours down to minutes or mere seconds, whereas the quality of service skyrocketed due to the customers receiving individual attention to their needs.

The Road Ahead

The customer’s feedback is what motivated us to look for the best solution available. Constantly rising standards could only be achieved with a customer-centric approach, through diligent research, and through viewing the user as an individual, rather than a group. Regardless, the goal is not to jump to new updates simply for the sake of change, but rather to tackle and challenge the existing ones in order to find better ways to reach the customer and make sure our improvements make a positive impact for the user in need first.

Providing better, more thoughtful ways of solving problems on the road ahead is something we won’t stop pursuing.

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