Set a foundation for your investments – build a financial plan

These are indeed difficult times with the current market volatility putting a dent in the confidence of any investor. If you happen to be a stock or MF investor in just the past few years, it is probably becoming too much to handle.

The most recent portfolios are dripping RED and investments made in the last couple of years are hardly showing any returns.  All decisions are suddenly questionable.

For those who started with a planned approach, they will be able to contain their emotions and act in a reasonably rational way.

For those who hadn’t build a foundation with a plan are now wondering what to do. Some are stopping their investments, redeeming what they already did and worse, vowing to never invest again.

Well, that’s what an irrational response looks like. This is again because there was no rational thinking applied in the first place.

Imagine, in your investment life of 50+ years, if this is your initial response, what is that you will do in the later years? 

If you start to shun equity, the only way you can meet goals is either by reducing your needs, cutting down your expenses or working much harder to save more.

Thankfully, there is another way. Build a plan.

You need to make this effort to ensure that you understand your goals or what you want your money to do for you, identify your direction and then make your investments with confidence. This will also help you anticipate and prepare for some of the worst times.

A plan will also help you make some hard choices, it will show you what is possible by taking a disciplined and structured approach to managing your money.

Go ahead and do it.

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Now, if you have no idea how to go about it, I suggest take the services of an investment adviser / financial planner. He is best placed to help you chalk out a plan with the framework of making investment decisions.

Just in case you are thinking if I will be able to help you, sure I can.

In fact, the trigger for this note has been some of the calls and blog comments responses I have received with anxiety over market direction and what to do at this stage. When I wrote about giving a scientific response based on asset allocation, you wanted to know how.

Well, here’s an opportunity to get it all down on paper and convert it into an actionable plan.

So, how can you take this service?

First of all, read the details of  my full personalised advisory service.

As you can see, with my regular service, I like to get involved on an ongoing basis to ensure that you not just planning but also executing it right. And there’s a premium for it.

However, just for the month of October 2018, I am offering one time planning and advisory for Rs. 20,000* (all inclusive). 

With this exercise, we will focus on getting your thinking about money, your goals, your risk, your investments and how to structure them right.

I will be personally involved with you in this exercise to help build a plan covering identification of goals, protection, emergency funds, risk profile, asset allocation (current & desired) and identifying savings gap.

You can then use the plan to make confident investment decisions and track your journey to your goals.

If you wish to read about other people’s experiences with such a service, once again click here.

Once you are ready to make a difference to your money and investments with a solid foundation, or have any questions, write to me at

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