The legendary bitcoin-trader masterluc predicts the bitcoin rate of $ 15,000 this year already

Ask any old-timer, and you’ll find that the masterluc is a bit of a legend in the bitco-community. His finest hour struck in 2013, when he foresaw where the top of the bubble is, followed by a bearish trend. This year, masterluc predicts a bitkoynu rate of $ 15,000.

On December 6, 2013, when the bitcoin price was at around $ 1,100, he wrote:

“The third day in a row I wake up, I see diagrams and I ask myself:” This is the end? “And the third day in a row the answer is” Yes. ” End of the first historical bullish trend of 2010-2013 “.

Masterluc predicted a long-term bearish period two days before its start, despite the fact that the price of bitcoin the time was a record $ 1240. He wrote:

“Oh, of course, thanks to Satoshi and the community, but I pass =) The next opening point for me is in 2016-2017.”

Many people think that the trader was just lucky, but he predicted the bubble of late 2013 back in March of the same year. Nine months before the bubble peaked, masterluc published the following diagram on the bitcointalk forums:


He said that the long-term upper trendline of bitcoins would be “somewhere above 1000”.

May 30, 2015 masterluc wrote:

“Also you can estimate in this model how long before the next bubble (~ 2 years, according to my estimates).”

He was mistaken for only a couple of months: the main growth of bitcoins began on March 23, 2017 at $ 884. At the time of the news, the bitcoin rate, according to Coinmarketcap, is $ 4126.

Now masterluc predicts that bitcoin will reach a value of $ 15,000 by the end of this year. Moreover, he believes that by the time the bovine period ends, the bitcoin will grow to $ 40,000 – $ 110,000. This moment, according to his forecasts, will occur in 2019.

Although these figures seem completely extraordinary, many traders note that the price curve of bitcoins has not yet become parabolic, as at the end of previous bubble cycles.

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