The Walter Schloss Approach to Investing

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Walter Schloss was one of the most successful investors of all time, but outside a small portion of the value investing community, no one knows the name. Mr. Schloss studied under Benjamin Graham at Columbia University and eventually went to work for Graham at the Graham Newman Partnership.

In 1955, Schloss struck out on his own and compiled one of the best track records in the history of investing. Over a 50-year span, he earned gross returns averaging 20% annually. His method emphasized buying cheap stocks with solid financials and holding them until they were considered overvalued. Mr. Schloss emphasized price-to-book value (P/BV) as the best measure of a corporation’s value and preferred buying stocks that traded below book value.

In 1994, Walter Schloss sat down and outlined his thoughts on making money in markets to serve as a guide to newer investors or those without in-depth knowledge of the value investing process. The result was one typed page listing the 16 factors needed to make money in the stock market.

Read about the 16 factors here.

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