This or That – An introspection

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Choices confront us as we go about living, spending time, making investments, building something and several other things. The choices we make go on to define us and our lives. They result in our joys and our sadness, in our achievements and our frustrations.

What are the choices we are making?

  • Utility or Brand
  • Simple or Complex
  • Create or Adopt
  • Quick or Long Lasting
  • Mountains or Beaches
  • Safe or Risky
  • Assured or Expected
  • Research or Hear Say
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Spend or Save
  • Time or Money
  • Now or Later

The choices are not always not so clear and that makes taking decision all the more difficult.

As I go about making choices (or in the past too) things were never black and white. They are somewhere in the middle, most of them.

And that’s what make decisions difficult.

But once we decide what is important to us, the light just shines and the confusion melts away. The choice becomes clear.

How are you making your choices, driving your decisions? What is important to you?

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