Trading System Big Dog.

Big Dog

Forex trading Strategy “Big Dog” is very simple and does not require additional forex indicators, you will need only the graphic design tools that are present in any trading terminal of MetaTrader 4. The strategy is based on breaking through the levels inside the day. The approximate earnings of 30 points depend on the selected currency pair.

The order of the Big Dog strategy:

1. 15, 30 minute chart of any currency pair with USD;

2. We put vertical lines at 15.00 (the opening time of the American session) and 17.00;

3. We apply horizontal lines on max (high) and min (low) between vertical lines;

4. Expose 2 pending orders for penetration (Buy Stop and Sell Stop) on the boundary of horizontal lines.

Forex trading Strategy

In this strategy you can use:

1. Trailing stop 10 – 15 points;

2. ТР 30 points, at achievement of profit in 15 points, to transfer SL in breakeven.

For whatever false orders are triggered, it is necessary to indent the horizontal lines ± 5 points.

Additions to the Forex trading Strategy “Big Dog”:

1. If the distance between two horizontal lines constructed is less than 50-60 points, then this transaction will have more chances.

2. If the distance is more than 50-60 points, then the transaction is less likely to close with a profit – accordingly, in such cases, you can not trade.

3. If the price does not break through the drawn horizontal lines – there is a lateral movement in the market.

4. Important Economic News in the US are published in this time range (15.00 – 17.00), so we do not risk getting Stop Loss due to sudden fluctuations.

6. VERY IMPORTANT: Trading signals are valid only during the CURRENT working day, on the next day it is necessary to apply new lines and place new orders.

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