Trading System Hammering nails


he system is very simple, it is based on 3 indicators, which are built into any platform.

1. Awesome Oscillator (Acceleration / Deceleration);

2. Accelerator Oscillator (34-period simple moving average, constructed on the average points of bars (H + L) / 2, which is subtracted from the 5-period simple moving average, also constructed from the middle points (H + L) / 2.);

3. Parabolic SAR (In its meaning, this indicator is similar to the moving average, with the only difference being that the Parabolic SAR moves with great acceleration and can change its position relative to the price.).

All indicator settings are used by default, that is, as they were originally programmed into MT4.


This strategy works on any pair and on any length of time. But, it is recommended to trade on longer time intervals, and on those pairs that have good trends. And of course, the smaller the spread, the better.


Login rules

The entry point is when all 3 indicators show a signal on the same candle. For example, for sale Parabolic SAR should appear above the candle, AO turn red, and the speaker should also turn red. When this happens, I call this candle a “nail”. We open the deal after closing the “nail” candle, that is, we hammer a nail. Once again, we open a deal to close the signal candle.


Here is an example on EUR / USD, hourly chart. See how all 3 indicators changed parameters at the same time, on the same candle. This is very important, all other candles are not a signal to enter.


As for the stop order, I usually use a hard stop that I place above or below the signal candle. You can count on this possible profit. For example, if your stop order is 30 points, then the profit can be 30 points. You can also stay in the transaction until the AO and the AS change color. These rules allow you to trade mechanical.

To buy the entry rules will be exactly the opposite.

And remember, the most important thing is the rules of money management. Do not forget to test the strategy on the demo before you start trading real money. Never risk more than 2-3% of the capital in one transaction.

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