True story of a dividend investor

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True story of a dividend investor. Hope it will inspire others to be on the correct track.

He has very kindly and graciously agreed and allowed me to share this with others

I started my investing journey some 20 years ago. 

Started out with tips from friends, family and media. That did not end well. 

Then got introduced to an investment news letter by a popular value investor . Did ok but was frustrating sitting on under valued stock that did not go anywhere. 

Then tried my hands on trading with charts, stop loss, etc. That was the most nerve wrecking time, second guessing my decisions, glued to the market. I don’t know how those day traders do it daily. 

Finally it was dividend investing where l found peace, getting paid while waiting for the companies to manage growth and increase their value.

I believe this is the way to go, together with portfolio management . 

That’s a very short summary of my investing journey. Hope that helps my fellow journey investors.

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