Trump Administration

The Trump Administration – a deal breaker for binary options?

Whether you voted for the man or not the fact remains that he is going to be the next president of the United States of America. But it seems that the world has gone a little crazy as to what they think the future now holds both for the global economy and, closer to home, the effect on investments going forward.

Let me just be clear here from the start, I’m not an industry expert or some kind of financial oracle but what I do have on my side is years of trading experience and insider knowledge on how the economy works and from my point of view I think it is time to put the negative folks out to pasture. What many people don’t realize is that everything that is said in the public domain can have an effect on the value of stocks and the movement of goods and money. A single negative idea or comment from the president elect can have long reaching consequences, something the current president understood very well.

Now before you think I’m biased and taking sides let me just put this out there; I do think that Mr. Obama was good for the economy as a whole and I do think he understood the way things work but no I don’t have any negatives for Mr. Trump. One thing that is for sure is that the future is notoriously difficult to predict and the promises made by politicians while campaigning generally don’t come to pass as much as we would like to believe otherwise.

I do agree that during the course of this election Mr. Trump has had some pretty flavorsome comments that have somewhat divided the nation but at the end of the day it is not a one man show. The senate is a typical large government body that suffers the same flaw as a crowd; the more people in it the fewer decisions get made. Further to this as far as the economy is concerned we have yet to see his use the business brain we is famous for which may yet prove to be a hit. The point is that we simply do not yet have enough data to form a proper conclusion.

With that said the next few months of course will no doubt prove to be difficult for investors as uncertainty rocks the economy. We all know that binary options are not something that the US likes to deal with but that may yet turn around. What we do know is that no matter what the world keeps on turning and while investments may slow the unique features of binary options mean that you have a strategic advantage in knowing the fall is coming, to what degree is guess we will find out later.

If you are worried about your investments in options then my advice to you is to stop and look at the bigger picture. Take in the extra data or even wait for a more secure time but please for the sake of everyone try not to panic, we have enough scaremongers as it is. One of the great things about trading is that you look for the risk in everything you do and this time is no different to that. If you are worried about the security of your money then speak to your broker and make sure. It is your investment after all and you are in control.

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