Year 2018 Review – The Challenging Year

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Year 2018 Review,

Year 2018 is really not a good year for my portfolio which drag by First Reit which drop almost 30% from the high $1.4 in early Jan 18 to the current price less than $1. This was has been my worry but I react too late to reduce my holding, I manage to reduce 47,200 shares before it was start to drop where I was intending to reduce further 50,000.

I have also divested RHT which was my 3rd biggest holding in early 2018 which I glad I did as from the announcement that made so far, it does not seem the manager see the shareholder interest and keep delaying the deal without being able to do anything.

I have added additional $15,000 into my current portfolio which mainly come from the realized gain

My portfolio in term of market value drop about 10%  despite i added $15,000, excluding the injection my portfolio drop about 14%.

I manage to reach realized gain of $32,000 exceeded the target I set last year ($28,000)

Below are my current portfolio

Frasers logistics and Industrial29%
First REIT27%
CapitaLand Retail China Trust13%
Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust9%
IReit Global8%
EC World4%
Frasers Commercial Trust4%
Apac Reality2%
Fortune REIT2%

I added 2 Non REIT for trying the new approach where while I waiting for capital gain, I will collect the dividend.

For my brick and mortar investment, I am left with around $25,000 to pay the loan which I will complete it by year 2019

There is a new venture for me in 2018 which one of the reason why i only manage to inject $15,000 into stock, This new venture will need few hundred thousand funding and hopefully it will start running latest before Q2 2019.

For Year 2019 Goal,

Based on my long term goal for my stock investment, I am targeting to achieve $31,000 realized gain in 2019 which I think I will achieve if my current holding is performing.

I am monitoring the below REITs to be added into my holding when opportunity arise
1. Mapletree Logistic
2. Frasers Commercial Trust
3. Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust
4. CapitaRetail China Trust

I will try to add some stock which I think undervalue and paying dividend as well.

Happy New Year 2019 for everyone and hope moving ahead will be smooth sailing for everyone ^_^.

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